I have 5 weeks to go.


Oh its so cold in the UK. I hate it.

And then… I think of where I have booked to go on my tour and my heart sinks. Its going to be coldER. Reports say mighty winds that knock you off your feet, torrential rain, sunshine bellowing through the ozone layer (which sadly has placed its hole  directly above Patagonia) and this can be all in one afternoon. But at least Ill get to see Llamas. And wear glorious hiking shoes.

I am excited. And grateful I have this amazing opportunity to travel. I just need to get through the 23 day tour with 19 other strangers and then I will have grown up. Had a life altering experience. After all, I am flying across the world to the ‘City at the end of the world’, hiking through mountains and ice with hiking shoes and if I can find one – a Gandalf like walking stick (if anyone has one of these please forward – I’ll endeavour to return it once I have conquered Patagonia – promise). All new things.

Its just the cold. And fear for my nose and toes – both of which don’t react well to cold.

I have 5 weeks left to get my stuff together. This means injections, save, buy travel gear – I have never hiked before and in conditions listed above, I have no idea what I am supposed to wear. Layers is all I hear about. So I could just ‘do a Joey’ in Friends and wear alllllll my clothes at once. That’s layers.  And it saves me buying things I’ll probably never wear again. But I somehow don’t think my floral, backless dress will see me through a cold night camping in Patagonia. Maybe Santiago though. Possibility.

Santiago. Now this sounds warm. And has the perk of mum then coming out for 2 weeks which means a nice hotel with clean sheets and a pool. What a victorious end. Just 23 days……. Piece.of.cake. Brr.



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