“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” Oh dear.

I arrived at Gatwick ready to start my solo adventure and to be honest, I had not really thought about the actual GOING part. More the telling everyone about it and dreaming of exotic places. So imagine my shock when it suddenly hit me that my family who were seeing me to the airport were going to leave me there. Well, this thought was too much for me and suddenly I started crying. Sorry family. Bad move.

Bravely I left them and wandered into duty free. ‘I am an adult and I can cope on my own the other side of the world’ is what I told myself. So, all I needed to get was a plug convertor and then be on my way. A casio watch later, I was on the plane.

On the plane, I sat smiling, admiring my new watch and thinking how organised I was to be on the plane so early. All those times running for the plane were clearly due to the others that I was with at the time. Then suddenly, 10 minutes before take off I remembered the charger. Fucccck. I asked the steward if he would mind letting me get off the plane to ‘buy something very important’ but they looked at me like I was crazy. I felt panic like nothing else – how an earth would I cope without my phone!? Its bad enough being a solo, indpendent lady but I neeeeeeed my phone to contact people and keep me sane. Fuuuuck again. Tears welled for the second time. And I had an awesome playlist to listen to 😦

I arrived in Madrid thinking I could maybe find one there but all the shops were shut. every single one. My heart sunk – this trip was not going to plan so far.

Never mind. I sat waiting for the next three hours – minus my awesome playlist – watching others. I felt like I was already in South Amercia with all the people around me. ‘Why were there so many South Americans in Spain?’ was my general thought and that I hoped I would have someone who spoke English to sit next to – so far the English language has disappeared apart from in my own head. So far. I also wondered if I looked like an experienced traveller – Probably not! Ha.

Finally we were called to board the plane and I excitedly wondered what awesome films I would get to watch. I find my seat and am alarmed to find a handsome man sitting next to me. Randomly, good looking people make me feel nervous until I get to know them (just so I dont offend all the good looking people in my life). But still, I planned on vegging out and watching films, eating loads and now I had good looking company to witness it all. Boo.

However, ‘Juan’ was Really nice. He kept me entertained throughout most of the flight (which was good as my remote for the tv was faulty) and even managed to convince the air stewardess to give us 3 glasses of free wine. Ha. No this airline does not give free alcohol and the films were awful – lucikly I didnt need to watch them even if i wanted to. Also, Juan’s parents lived in Buenos Aires so he said he would ask them to give me a lift to the domestic airport to save me getting a shuttle bus. Result.

Finally, after what seemed like forever we arrived in Buenos Aires and again, NO ONE speaks a word of english. Its like it doesnt exist!? Even I know a bit of spanish ‘Ola, gracias’….oh and now ‘Si’. Thankfully I had Juan who navigated me around.

Anyways, we head out of the airport and are greeted by Juan’s parents who hug and kiss him a million times – even throughout the car journey his dad kept kissing him. It was so nice to see affection like that – in the UK its not really like that so much. OH and the HEAT! It is sooooooo hot here, the sun hits me and my body and face automatically turn to face it and I freeze. Yes, this is what I am talking about!

Then before I know it, I am at the domestic airport and my helpful Juan has to leave. I feel sad.. he’s the only person I know out here. Tears well again. Lord I must see my doctor about this when I get back – I am sure there is a loose tear valve. It was solo Tara again and I must admit, I am not as entertaining as I imagined I would be. I am bored now and just want to talk to people. Another 4 and half hours later I am on my last plane for this part of the journey. Its a classier airline I must admit but still no films! And no phone as I have not yet managed to locate a charger. Oops.

So I am here in Ushuaia and it is COLD. It is sort of like Aspen but a South American version. I will post photos soon and tonight I am meeting my tour group. A tad nervous but c’est le vie (see I even know french!) gotta roll with it. Tomorrow is a chill day here, might get on a boat or whatnot and Saturday we leave for the tour. That’s when I anticipate my blog will get more exciting. But thanks for reading all this if you have managed to get this far! Ha.

Latas peeps xx

Oh and here is a song that keeps me sane out here – thanks to TK!


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8 Responses to “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” Oh dear.

  1. John Boxall says:

    Ahh bless you, I hope the meeting of the group goes well. Sending big hugs your way! Xx


  2. Lesley says:

    Youve done the hard bit hun – its gonna be difficult saying goodbye at airport etc – but from now on you can immerse yourself and enjoy the experience – looks like you got lucky with Juan – and he shall be the first of many amazing people so enjoy and keep up the posts cos they are very welcome for us in boring Blighty! xxx


    • Flying From The Tube says:

      Haha hmm its quite hilly here and think i almost died coming up the hill so not sure how im gonna cope with a mountain! And thanks for ur message 🙂 happy new year and will send u an email soon xx


  3. Richard says:

    Well done on stage one! Sounds wonderful so far. Surprised to hear from you so quickly but very funny (apart from the tears, obviously!).

    I’m sure the mountains, and everything else, will be fine – all that walking practise ……. Shame it was on the flat! Just keep going till you reach the top, it’s easy then.

    Best wishes and H N Y. X


    • Flying From The Tube says:

      Ha it pretty quiet here.. We leave Saturday so I am sure that’s when the lack of Internet will come…. 🙂 happy new year!


  4. Shirley says:

    A loose tear valve ? Tara you are bonkers. Hope you find a charger and good luck x


  5. Nicole says:

    Travelled to South America and written a blog post – thinking 2014 is guna be a productive one hicks! Hope it’s amazing, but no more strangers cars! Even the good looking ones ; ) xx


    • Flying From The Tube says:

      Ha dont worry deffo not! It was an old ma and pa so dont think i had to worry 🙂 everyone is sooo nice so far! Really looking forward to the trip – we have to take turns in cooking for the group, set up tents and ill send u a photo of the truck! Ha its v old school! Hope ure all well and ill message u all later as wont have much access to net for next 2 weeks xx


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