There is so much to see!

There is so much to see!

So I have decided to go travelling again in November. The saving shall commence. Dont expect me to buy you a drink.. (Humm, I dont think I really did that anyway!). I know I was going to see how this year went and I still will (obvs) but the need to keep on seeing new places IS TOO MUCH!!

BUT WHERE!? This is my new quandry…. I want to live abroad.. this is one thing on me ol’ bucket list as it were…But I shall be a single, white female on the loose and common sense is not something I seem to possess much of.

I still heart South America ALOT but Spanish is not that easy to learn! I shall perserve though.. At some point it will click.. And if not, ‘they’ teach you spanish abroad.. Also there is the ‘what will I work as in South America’ issue?! Can I just do bar work? I feel like that would be going backwards career wise. And I am not very good at it either. I suppose there is the teaching English thing. Thats one thing I do know! Although do NOT ask me about grammar… Also WHERE in South America!? Its so big.

Oh well, plenty of time to decide (and learn about grammar and master common sense (aka life saving) skills…..). The world is my oyster as it were. Amd I have 8 months to perfect and save.

So for now, I’ll enjoy the English summer (ahem) and all that comes with 2014. Like Ascot, my best friend’s wedding and a holiday to Europe. Yay. Althougn on a budget. I am saving after all.

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2 Responses to There is so much to see!

  1. Richard says:

    Oh Tara, you do write such funny, but thoughtful, blogs. We will miss you when you go, but go (somewhere) you must!

    I’m sure that out there you will find what you are looking for; when it comes down to it you may not have to go so far anyway but just stay bright and keep enjoying life in the meantime and eventually all will be well.

    Best wishes,


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