Home. Somewhere you can always come back to and be greeted with love. And alcohol.

I am back Inglaterra. And disillusioned with the UK and how clean and modern everything is. I mean what is going on with our pavements?! Why are they so orderly?!  And why do we not have Fernet here? Thankfully Italy is not far.

I am toying with the idea of heading back to Argentina at the end of this year. Porque I mucho love that place. 😍 The quote in my previous blog about never being completely at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere is very true. I sometimes wonder where would I be now had I not started all this South America malarki. Richer (money wise) that’s for sure – but ahhh, poorer experience wise 😉 Hahah.

However, before I commence bull at a red flag about going back to Argentina, its time to kick start my life at home and fall in love with the UK (and Europe again). I miss liking being at home and feeling settled. I want to have hobbies and enjoy all that London has to offer. And not be saving all the time. Importantly, I miss my lovely family and friends. And Betty.

So mission ‘Fall in love with Inglaterra again’ shall commence henceforth. And obvs I shall blog my progress.

Step 1 – get a job so I can afford to do things (and buy these ugly but beautiful Topshop shoes).

To start though.. A clip of my favourites on Britains got talent. Porque – of course it does.

Chau por ahora.

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9 Responses to Home. Somewhere you can always come back to and be greeted with love. And alcohol.

  1. John Boxall says:

    Ahh, bless you! I have everything crossed you get settled soon. If you want somewhere in the north to travel to, please come visit, it’s been soooooooo long since our last catch up xx


    • Flying From The Tube says:

      Ah John! I promise to come and visit before the summer ends! I just need to get a job and save a bit… 🙂 It has been tooo long! Hope you’re good! xx


  2. Maija says:

    God I recognise that feeling – I really wanted to be settled after a year away.. I managed about 8 months back in England before buying myself a one-way ticket to NZ!


    • Flying From The Tube says:

      8 months is good going! New Zealand is amazing! Enjoy! And England will always be here for us should we eventually decide to settle! 🙂

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  3. Richard says:

    Lovely to have you back and look forward to hearing more of your travels, but if you want to be in BA, follow your dreams and go! You can make it work.
    I’m sure we can visit! We have Skype!
    But for now, enjoy your time here – life sorts itself out.


    • Flying From The Tube says:

      You can definitely visit me 🙂 and I am looking forward to seeing you and having a catch up! Will message u tomorrow re when is a good time 🙂


  4. Mum says:

    Wonderful to have you back home with us 🙂 x x


  5. Nicola says:

    Tara welcome back and glad to hear you had a fantastic time. You must have some amazing stories to tell. Good luck with job hunting. It will all work out and you’ll soon be planning your next adventure. I’d love to meet up some time. Nicola xxx


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