Lets find some beautiful place to get lost. 

Eek. Im off again. This time with a friend. Yay.

It took a while to sort this trip out. And I had to quit my job… again. 

Yet despite the amount of time talking and researching this trip, we haven’t actually sorted out three of the five countries we are visiting over 9 weeks. JUST CHINA. Dubai wont take much planning – four glorious days of water-parks (free access with our hotel 🙌🏻), desert dune-ing and sunbathing. Sorted. JOY.

Firstly, we couldn’t agree where to go.

Bella wanted to go to South East Asia but I had already backpacked most of these countries (in my younger years) for two and a half months so I didn’t really want to visit the same countries again. Soo compromise. Obvs the world is a big place so Africa, Central America and New Zealand were all hot contenders. Argentina probably did get a mention. 💕 Hahah.

But……China came about when I innocently read a blog about six weeks in China and it sound AMAZING. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to the highest glass bridge in the world, visit a Panda Sanctuary (eek) and eat Peking Duck in Beijing? Oh and the other great wonders like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army.

The blog words were ‘great place for backpackers’ and ‘easy to travel’ – so China and Japan were added to our list alongside Thailand and Vietnam. Sounded awesome. We were super excited. 

But I’m not going to lie – its been a tad stressful planning China and I am pretty sure I have gained wrinkles and chewed my finger nails to shreds. It has been UN-EASY. DIFFICIL. Most of our route has to be planned in advance and we need to use a third party to buy our train tickets as you can only use a Chinese bank card to purchase them. This has meant a massive amount of organisation and no room for variation. Also, there is no way we can decipher Mandarin… and we cant use google translate. 

But thennnnnn you see pictures like these below and I feel superrrrr excited about our decision. Look at that Panda’s face!! 

 My bro even ‘thoughtfully’ brought me a pack of these below. We werent sure they were the right size…. haha my eyes look so serious! 

So this is our itinerary for the next 9 weeks: 

  • 10 days in Thailandoooo,
  • 15 days in Vietnam from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh (VERY EXCITED FOR!)

  • a month in China from Shanghai to Hong Kong to Beijing (this involves a ferry, four overnight trains, three flights and about three long bus journeys so far. ITS SO BIG!) 

Largely our route

  • 10 days in Japan. yIPEEEE. I want to see Sumo wrestlers – amongst many other things obvs. Hahah.
  • Then four glorious days in Dubai – recovering.

OBVS I will blog awayyyyyyy for the trip – except in China where I wont have access to the main forms of social media. That will be an interesting experience. 

I have also noticed that I am running a bit low on passport pages! Oops. I have six pages free and will have 14 new stamps by the end of this trip….. I may have to ask the more chilled out countries to choose their stamping grounds wisely so as to allow space for the rest of the stamps! 

Anyywaaaay, im sure it will be fine and we are OFF! 

Here is us looking a tad fresh faced READY FOR OUR 9 WEEK ADVENTURE. Ill post one on the way home to compare whether this trip has done wonders for us or aged us a million years haha. 

Thailandooo next. Xx 





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2 Responses to Lets find some beautiful place to get lost. 

  1. Richard says:

    Very glad you got away ok and sounds fantastic. You’ll love Xian city as well as the Terracota army. And Guillin and the river.
    Whilst in Guillin try to have a day out to the rice terraces.
    Look forward to the next blog,
    Have a great time,

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